Old School Balsa Baits
Old School Square Bills

Balsa Square Bills have been producing fish since we produced then in the early 70’s at Bagleys. Now I have the time and ability to produce these lures just like we did back then. They run about 4-5 feet deep (depending on line size) and have the same wide, quick, hunting action which has made these lures so sought after. The squire bill causes this lure to bounce around and through all kinds of wood and rock. The high flotation of balsa not only gives the lure the quick action but also allows you to let it float up when it does get stuck. I will be building these myself to insure quality, so there will be a limited availability. I will guarantee each lure. If you test the lure and it does run the way you want, send it back with a description of what you want it to do different and I will fix it or send you another.
Depth: 4-5 ft.
Weight:  1/2 oz.
Length:  2 1/5 inches

Old School Square Bill $11.98       Buy now


Walking Stick 4.0 and 5.0                

The action of wood, combined with tail weighting, gives the Walking Stick the walking action only wood can achieve.  Weighing in at 1/2 oz. on the 4 and 3/4 oz. on the 5 and being tail weighted allows you to cast the Walking Sticks over the horizon.  Now walking the dog has never been easier.   
                                4.0                                  5.0
Length:                 4 inches                         4 3/4 inches
Weight                  1/2 oz.                            3/4 oz.

Walking Stick    $6.98                           $7.98    
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Old School Shad
Old School Shad are designed  as a tight action crank bait, because there are times when bass prefer the tight action over the hard wide action the rest or our crank baits have.  I usually like this action in colder water situations.   I use straight retrieve, a lot of stop and go, and also fish it like a jerk bait, after achieving its 7 ft depth.  Being made from wood we were able to weight it so it (almost) suspends holding its position in the water column.  We have given it enough weight so it can be cast and given it hooks strong enough for the largest fish.

While we designed it as a bass bait, it has become very successful as a walleye lure.
Depth:  7 ft
Weight:   1/3 oz.

Length:  Body 3 inches,   Overall 4 inches
Old School Shad $7.98    Buy now

Little Diver 2

If you are just looking for fish, the Little Diver 2 is for you. This has been one of the most productive crank baits I have built in the 40+ years I have been building wooden lures.  It’s quick wide action, ability to hunt, and size make this lure unbeatable for fishing waters down to 6 ft.  Belly weighting allows us to weight the wooden body to get the best auction possible. Weighing in at 1/3 oz. it is easy to cast on target whether it be stumps lay downs or rocky points.  And when it gets there the wide wobble allows the lip to protect the hooks letting it walk through most cover.

Depth:  6 ft.
Weight:  1/3 oz
Length:   Body  2 inches,  Overall  3 inches 

Littlle Diver 2  $8.98                   Buy now

Prop Top 2.0 and 3.0

Catching bass on top water lures is one of the most exciting ways to catch bass.  All of us started off fishing lures like this, whether in a farm pond or from a john boat.    Many of us have gotten away from these lures, but they still catch fish just as they did when we started.  The small size and the noise and spitting action of the spinners attract fish to the surface and with a heart stopping strike inhale this lure.         

                        2.0                                            3.0
Length                            2 inches                                         3 inches
Weight                           1/4 oz                                             1/3
Prop Top                        $6.98                                              $6.49  

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