Old School Balsa Baits
HUWA's  Old School series was designed with 40 years of fishing and Industry design experience...
HUWA LURES is designing, producing and selling affordable wooden lures. The wood lure has a proven record of consistently performing over many years, here at HUWA LURES we are carrying on the tradition of quality "Made in the USA" hand built wood lures.  Wood lures have long been known to provide the best action because of balsa's flotation properties in conjunction with the designers ability to place weights where they are needed. Click on the Old School Bait tab above to see the current 2014 series.

Original Old School Bait designer Lee Sisson has been designing lures for over 40 years. In 1972 Lee designed one of the first diving crankbaits, which changed bass fishing. “Imagine being the only fisherman, in any tournament, who had a crankbait which would run deeper than 5 feet” Sisson says with a smile. Soon the word got out on his deep diving lure. Jim Bagley, while doing a promotion in Baton Rouge La., met Lee, and after a short discussion, Jim asked Lee if he would like to work at Bagley Baits. “That floored me. I had been kidding with my wife and parents about going to work for Bagley’s, but that was just a dream”! Well the rest is history. Lee’s deep diving lure became Bagley’s DB3. Lee worked at Bagley’s for 12 years designing many lures which set the standards for crankbaits of today. In 1985 he started his own company, Lee Sisson Lures, continuing his innovative work dedicated to quality. After 23 years of continuing his innovative designs, Lee decided to sell his company. Lee wanted to do more fishing, so he started fishing the BASS Opens, along with other tournaments. After two seasons in the Opens, Lee's dream to fish at the top level came true when he qualified for the 2011 Elite Series.

A lifetime of fishing and designing lures is how the current Old School Bait series was designed. We at HUWA LURES know you will enjoy the quality and performance of the Old School Bait.

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